The Limousin is known as the land of a thousand lakes - they're not far wrong actually. The area has many peaceful lakes and slow moving rivers that rarely get crowded with other anglers.

There are large lakes of over 100 hectares, smaller municipal lakes, rivers and private fisheries offering the travelling angler many opportunities to fish for the quarry of their choice.

Fishing Regulations.

A full years licence to fish most of France costs €85.00 and enables the holder to fish 1st and 2nd category waters.

There is a distinction between 1st and 2nd Category Lakes and rivers in the region.
1st (Premiere) Category Lakes and Rivers are predominantly inhabited by game fish. Season mid March - 15th Sept
2nd (Deuxieme) Category Lakes and Rivers are predominantly inhabited by coarse fish. Season, mostly all year

The holiday licence is now available from June 1st - December 31st and costs €32,00 for a period of 15 days. This entitles you to fish within the Haute Vienne, and enables the holder to fish 1st and 2nd category waters. For other regions it would cost the same per region.

Daily licences are now available for just €10 and can be purchased from January 1st - December 31st. If you wish to fish in the bordering departments to the Haute Vienne, these are available also. This enables anglers to fish earlier in the season which is great news. This too permits the holder to fish 1st and 2nd category waters. This is the perfect solution if you only wish to fish for a day or so when staying here. The daily permits only cover the department in which they are issued, i.e. Haute Vienne 87, Charente 16 or Dordogne 24. The Haute Vienne permits are available at our local Boulangerie or from Dino's bar and are a necessity to fish legally in the region. There are some lakes locally that do not require anglers to be in possession of a permit, although there is usually a daily ticket fee.

A carp caught at Domaine de Jarlat by Carl Richards.
Our nearest mixed fishery Domain de Jarlat is just 15 mins away from us. The fishery offers trout fishing on one lake using fly, worm or bait, and another much larger lake offering carp, pike, sturgeon, zander and perch fishing. The owner, Patrick, is a charming frenchman who fishes himself so he knows the needs of anglers. There is a toilet/shower block and a small café offering snacks and drinks. As this is a private fishery, you do not need any permits whatsoever. You just pay Patrick per session. His prices are very keen

L'étang Masselievre in summer
L'étang Masselievre : A beautiful and secluded lake about 8 kilometres from Parc Verger. You climb into the hills surrounding the tardoire valley before reaching the lake. Stocked with trout, pike, perch a good head of bream to 4lb and carp up to 20lb and other coarse fish, - fishing is any method.
Open from mid April until mid October.
Day tickets have to be purchased from the Mairie, or Chez Jules in La Chapelle Montbrandeix. Prices are a very reasonable 6€ per day with no other permit needed.

Les Combes fly fishery near St Mathieu
Just 20 minutes away- if you would like to go fly fishing - take a look at Run by Tony a retired STANIC qualified instructor and his wife Sue, their site is packed full of fishing venues around the area.
Their gite is available too for anglers, house hunters or just for a quiet break in the Limousin countryside.

The River Vienne at Aixe sur Vienne
The River Vienne that meanders through our region holds many species of fish including carp, pike, perch, zander and a few species which we have seen, but not caught, so we are not sure exactly what they are. If you prefer wandering the river banks, you will need to buy a permit. These will be available locally and will cost 10 euros for a one day permit (available from January - December) or 32 euros for a 15 day holiday permit (Available from June - December) Both of these permits allow you to fish only in the Haute Vienne region of the Limousin.

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